MyPron 2009


Click here you will find from around 2004 to 2009 before the switch to Word Press.

You’ll find ALL kinds of unpublished images in the “MyLife” section which I did not convert over to Word Press Pages because of the sheer volume.

Since the start of it all, has been about the Monkey. And this image was always the splash page to the portal

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In order not to lose any of the stats I used to have, here is what I had prior to the switch over to Word Press.

SummaryPeriod: 2800 Days
  Daily Unique:     Totals:  
    Today       11  /  02 May, Sun, 2010      Unique Visitors      28346 – 76.72% 
    Yesterday       11  /  01 May, Sat, 2010     Visits incl. Reloads      36944 
    Average       10      Reloads      8598 – 23.27% 
    Highest Day       60  /  17 Sep, Wed, 2003      Visitors via Referrers      18381 – 64.84% 
  Weekly Unique:        Website Referrers      469 
    Current Week         23  /  Wk 53, 2010      Javascript Enabled      26853 – 94.73%
    Last Week          50  /  Wk 17, 2010     
    Average       69    Most accessed:  
    Highest Week       149  /  Wk 47, 2007      Browser      MSIE 6 
  Monthly Unique:           Operating System      Windows XP 
    Current Month    22  /  May, 2010     Screen Resolution      1024×768 
    Last Month          179  /  Apr, 2010      Screen Color      32 Bit (16.7M) 
    Average       298      Searchengine      Google 
    Highest Month       543  /  Nov, 2007      Keyword      mypron
  Highest Hour of the Day       15:00 – 15:59      Domain/Country      .com / United States 
  Highest Day of the Week      Tuesday     Continent      North America 


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