Old Office 2003


Old Computer Room and Office circa 2003


This was the empty room I had which was just really being used for storage.

I had been using the living room out by the TV prior, but in the end it just
looked like a pile of shit out there.

I purchased some hollow core doors, used some finish on them bought some table
legs and mounted them to the wall.

This is just after getting everything set up and mostly in place. I still have
tons of stuff to move in :\ The monitors at center and on the left
are one computer and the monitor on the right is my second box

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. I am running
a keyboard/mouse switcher so I can go between the two.
I have a feeling this is going to work out much better then the other set up.

I still have my CD players to set up and I want to mount better
speakers via a stereo hook up so it sounds nice in here. I’ll update this page
if it ever gets fully done =)

I’ve made the speakerbox, it came out great!! Throws out some
great lows. Also here is a early pic of what the area where my computer used
be at is coming.

Speakerboxx above, book cases below!

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