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This entry is very old.. about 8 years old as of 2010. It pretty much outlined what I was doing, and what I had done up until then. Of course now you know that I have two children and a very pretty wife. I had a stint in California for 6 years and finally moved back to Austin Texas in 2010 to work for another game company. Of course, who knows what the future will hold and who knows if I’ll ever update this stuff. 😛

Now let me tell you about my past……

I worked for Electronic Arts Texas, commonly known as “Origin System Inc” within the Player Relations Department. We dealt with in game issues across all of EA’s Online game properties. I resolve Terms of Service, games stopping issues and relations between the studio and the player base at large. I have lived in Tx for almost 2 years now and have been with EA that whole time. I’ve done lots of side projects in my Department and taken on several roles that I thought would elevate me

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. I was single and looking while in the Austin area for a nice “Texas” girl who is sure of themselves and can stand with me, but that has since changed. My musical tastes haven’t really changed over the last 2 or so years. Still into electronica, rap, classical and alt rock. I expect to stay with EA for some time to come slowly but surely working my way up the company ladder until I cannot go any further.

I attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Fl. where I am getting a BS in Computer Animation. Please let me tell you a little about myself before you go exploring my site. I am 28 years old. Single, and currently unemployed.. But I consider school enough right now. I have been into Computer Graphics for around 4 years and Have and use Lightwave 3D from Newtek. I started my Art background at Florida State Unv. where I learned the hard way that this is not the place to learn CA.. 🙂 On the other side of it while I was there I did have the chance to work on some cool projects with a good friend of mine Erik Gamache who is now working at Digital Domain. He used to work at Foundation Imaging and Netter Digital and Flat Earth. He’s worked on projects like “Starship Troopers (the series) Max Steele and a up and coming American Express commercial. He is one of my best friends and I adore his wife Shanna and thier children Flower and Sadie the ferrets, and thier cute little basset hound.

In Tallahassee I was a Retro DJ at a very cool club called Bell Bottoms. I also worked at the number one software store in the world Electronics Boutique. At EB I’d like to think that I ruled the place.. No one had computer experience so any and all questions came to me.. They would call me on my day off for help(hehe). I also managed to do a lot with very little effort, the pay was not the greatest (that’s as far as I’ll go with that dead horse). Late last year I decided to go to AIFL instead of returning to FSU to finish my degree. Call me a glutten for punishment I like doing things right and after I found out about Ai there was no stopping me.. Some may say, “But you only had a little longer to go at FSU why start over” I say, did I have any other choice?? I do wanna try and be the best at what I do, or at least one of the best 🙂

Getting closer to the present….

When I moved to Fort Lauderdale my first job was being a DJ at a local Strip Club called the PortHole Pub.. My god what a life expierence that was!! I had to start some where and when they say the bottom they mean it.. But I made the best of it. The girls loved me.. I was the only one who listened to them and payed any attention to them and respected them.. A lot of the girls would work my shift just because I was so easy to get along with.. I eventually left though.. The Day manager and one of the “old” DJ’s where finding my methods a bit to good.. The DJ was losing money, girls were coming to my shift and the manager didn’t like the music the girls like to hear and wanted me to play what he wanted.. Well as anyone in the Adult ent. business knows its the girls that pay you not some assholes who think they know better. Anyway I’m not bitter about leaving 🙂 Now I am fully ingulfed in school though I want to get a P/T job in Graphics that may give me some more experience in the print and TV world before I graduate.

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