Journal Entry #1



This entry is before the new year. It’s full of vision and remeberance I was out last nite and myself and some friends stayed up all nite. (they just got a new electronic dart board) on the way home in the early morning hours I had what some ppl like to call a moment.. and well I’d like to share it with you all… It’s around 6:40am… the sun has just come up about an hour ago and I’m leaning against my car watching the high surf crash against the beach. It’s windy and the sky is overcast, with rays of pure light shining in the distance over the water. The mist from the surf is so bad I can feel it against my face 50 yards from the water and the rain water from last nite has made the road noisy as cars go bye. I have my car window open and a music from a group called Olive is playing out of my CDplayer, it’s soft, low bass trip hop meledy and singers angelic female voice are carring me thru what was alomst an hour and a half of just watching waves repeat a cycle. For the singlest of moments and the barest of seconds nothing mattered. I was experiencing. Nothing else mattered but myself.

The background noise of cars and even the pounding of the waves against the beach lost all volume. All I felt was mist on my skin and the wind blowing against my face. It took a lot to pull myself away. The sun was getting higher and breaking from the clouds and the huge waves begain to get smaller but after a few minutes I realized that where I was was gone… I’ll probalby never forget this morning, time standing still, waitng for me to understand it’s message. I’ll probably never experience another moment like this in my life.. the way my body and mind just fell away and gave themselves to the rythmic sounds of the ocean. I do know that I’ll have other times just like it though, but the enviroments will be different and the way I felt won’t be the same.. But it’s things and times like these that make us who we are, they seperate us from others and make us stronger, healther people. I for one can’t wait till every thing in my life “lines up” again and I can have another moment. I guess in some way I’ve become a better person then I was yesterday..

I hope that this at least means something to some people, that what I had today wasn’t something only gifted, artistic madmen have.. ๐Ÿ™‚ and I hope that every one takes the time to recognize when a moment like this happens wheather it’s with a girlfriend or a boyfriend or wife or husband.. or even by yourself… I just wanted to write this down before this fleating moment left me only a electrical charge in my head that could only be triggered by some sight/sound/smell 40 years from now.. Thanks for reading and listening..

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