Journal Entry #6


This is a paper I wrote for a lit. class. Very anti female. At the time I was going thru a very bad relationship with a girl named Beth. She had broken up with her X and was seeing me. You see her X was kind of abusive to her and well she (unknown to me at the time) was a bit of a drinker and ended up finally dumping me (the nice guy) for him (who punched her and pushed her down a hill). Go figure?(It was written in 1993ish)

first paper for lit. class

Manipulating and lying are some women’s best talents, while others utilize the use of men’s feelings. These devil like women lie to get what they want, what they need and what they don’t have. In Blanch Farley’s poem we find such a she devil, who through split love tears one mans heart so that she may have another. But even though men have been going through this for thousands of years women still have some feminine power over us, that makes men blind to the truth and open for emotional hurt. Women have been lying since Eve ate the apple and tricked Adam into trying it to. So that she could get what she wanted, total sexual power over Adam.

Now with words like, “I need time to be alone.” or “I’ll call you in a couple of days and we’ll do something.” Women have managed to manipulate men to do their every bidding again. Now in the 90’s women have us at a even greater disadvantage. With women’s liberation and the new sexual revolution just starting its climb. Men find it harder then ever just to find someone who isn’t going to betray them. “Oh, she turned with a sigh. Somewhere ages and ages hence, she might be telling this, `And I–‘ She would say, `stood faithfully by.’ But by then who would know the difference? With that in mind, she took the fast way home, the way by the pond, and phoned the blond.” Blanch Farley writes in a excellent description of how most women are today. lying is one thing that can undermine a relationship and make a man not trust his companion. “Oh I was out” and ” I just want to go out with my friends tonight” are just a few that women use to get what the need.

Blanch Farley writes in a passage that best shows the thoughts of a lying woman. “Still, if this blond guy dropped by someday, couldn’t way just lead on to way? No. For if way led on and Jack found out, she doubted if he would ever come back.” Here is a women with a man she believes she loves. “She had to admit, he did wear well. In fact, to be perfectly fair, he understood her.” But still she needs more. Like some crazed animal starving for something it craves more than life its self. Gnawing at men’s emotions till finally we are but putty in their sculpturing hands.

Finally there is a rare breed of women who I must insist are the dangerous of them all. This demon of love uses men’s feeling to get what the don’t have. Like not enough love or attention or sex. These unholy creatures use lines like “Why don’t you spend time with me anymore. Don’t you love me?” When in reality you haven’t seen them in the last couple of hours. Or, “Are you mad at me, why aren’t you talking to me?” When its your fault that at a crowded bar you went to say “Hi” to some friends you haven’t seen in months. And all you can wonder about when she stabs you in the back is was it something you did. Or why she never told you that thing would come to this.

“Committed to one, she wanted both and, mulling it over, long she stood, alone on the road, loath.” This line strikes me as the most heart wrenching of the poem. With its lines ” Committed to one, she wanted both.” Shows with out a doubt the heartless animal that we men put our undying trust into. The power women have over men will in my mind go on for ever or, until women understand that a man would do anything for a woman if, she would only try to let that man have a chance. But now so few of both sexes are willing to put their heads on the copping block of love. How can women keep on manipulating men, lying to men and using are defenseless feelings to get their every whim. While we as men only know that it was never supposed to be this way. Yet with only two choices, either live a life alone and scarred or go on trying to find that woman that if your lucky is willing to spend their lives with you and only you.

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