Journal Entry #7


In this journal entry we look at my “1 week” plan (translation: 6 month plan) and what I’m going to do, what I’m planning to do and what I’d like to do. So enjoy the read there is also some other info about this point in my life hidden in there.

(June 18th. 2000)

I’ve been actively debating not IF I want DSL but WHEN I will get DSL. I’ve just grown tired of waiting. But isn’t that the way society works now? Greedy for time, not enough time, to much time and always running out of time…Let’s see what else is there? I’ve come to really like and the music I can get thru that site. Though most of it’s independent crap a lot of the electronica is really good. Red Delicious, Electrostatic, Raving Lunitics and many others. Of course once the DSL comes I’ll be making CD probably every day…. And I may even buy some of it if this whole job thing pans out..

Lets see what else is on the agenda? Working on my “Final” Logo design and animation for it. I’m going for a massive look. Distance and perspective all in one piece. Also I’m going to start work on an “alternative” website for myself. Something that is more text and image based and experimental than straight forward like this site. I’ll have to of course come up with new weird content but I’m pretty sure my twisted pair of a mind can think of stuff..

What else is there… I’m going to start doing “Shoutcasts” and “Webcam” stuff as soon as the DSL is in. Maybe on the weekends at night having a couple of shows. I’m going to try and get my buddy Ryan in on it. Since his site “Rythmz” deals with Vinyl and the Chill scene in Tallahassee. I figure for the Shoutcasts I can do a “old Skoll” night that is all 70’s Funk and 80’s pop culture rock and then on another night do ambient, chill, and house and then working back down in the reverse order. I’m sure if anything Ryan will let me “pseudo” host it thru his site as a sub page.

Of course I’ll have to come up with with MORE content..(god these long hours are gonna kill me) But I should have a lot of help for next semester I’ve got an advanced HTML class so I’ll get those lazy bastards to help out. Or at least Imer will help me. Maybe we can make it a group project and thus blow that mother out!! I will probably host all this thru depending on what their upload download rates come out to or I’ll run it thru my 10 meg bell south account which I’ll have

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Lets see by now your asking yourself “Why is the fool doing all of this?” Hmm.. Damn good question, do I have an answer? No. but maybe I can rationalize it. I’m doing this because.. Hell why not! The Technology is out there for little old me to be heard, seen and ignored so why not give people that option.. Plus I think being an artist gives me a Marxist burden to share my life with the world.

But I do also have to checksum reality now and then and I have to tell myself that YES all this is possible but is it all doable? Can I put out this much work by myself on a weekly basis or monthly basis or even a daily basis? Well time will only tell if I can or not I guess you, me and everyone else will just have to wait and see. But till then keep the Chilz rolling.

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