Journal Entry #8


Let’s talk about the Good’ole days shall we..

Lets see the Internet has been around for some time now but can you honestly say you where there in the begening? No not even I can that far but I was there pretty early on. I think the very first time I logged into the internet was over our local “freenet”. It was a blast. had to learn unix commands to get around be hell I don’t even think NT 1.0 was out yet let alone anything easier. I remember getting online just a few brief months before Mosiac hit the net. Before that the internet was Text driven and to send email you had to launch Pine. In a way I miss those days of text and black and white screens. I guess it was a simpler time then. No Flash, no video no audio streaming to your computer from the far reaches of the world. Hell even porn was regulated to BBS’s and the such. Now evernthing is almost “on-demand” and at our finger tips. I can post video of my work almost easier than it is to open a can of cream corn. People can be thier own radio stations and of course Nabster is opening up tons of music to anyone with a computer for free.

Now I sit back just recently entering the next phase of the net, broadband. I like most of you have lived the net thru the 56K pipe and have come to almost hate the net with it’s slowness and 800 pound gorrilla attitude. Now with DSL I’m able to just click on something and if it doesn’t load in the first few seconds it usually means it’s broken not that it’s taking time to download. Now I’m able to talk long distance over my PC to family all over the US and not pay a dime. Broadband is by far the next step in the internets evelution and people like myself are out there making it cheaper and stable for the generations to come. Hell call me what you want, freak, ass, pioneer or masta I’m gonna be just one step behind the Internet.

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