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Thursday, October 08, 2009

My heart hurts, I think it’s broken.
I’m broken, its all falling apart somehow.
Saying hello is more like shouting No right now.

We talk but nobody seems to listen.
and we cry when nobody seems to be looking.

It’s my fault but I can’t seem to see.
Past my own needs.

I’m doing more harm then I care to see.
I only wanted the perfect family dream.

We are next to each other, but no words are spoken.
My heart hurts, I think it’s broken.

My heart hurts, but it can’t be as much as she.
On the inside is where I need to keep my opinion, and just wear my heart on my sleave.

I don’t want to beg, I want to earn it all back, take the first small steps
But I need you to have some faith and believe in me.

Look away now, I feel just empty.
I’m all alone on what should have been a perfect day.

We are next to each other, but no words are spoken.
My heart hurts, I think it’s broken.

Can’t find or know a way to fix this deal.
I love her with all my heart, have to start to feel

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I forget that you’re important, it’s why I love you so.
At some point I need to realize we can do a lot on our own.

I still want to stand by you.
Will you take my hand and fight?

The sweetness of life is right at our finger tips.
As long as I can’t stop being a little kid.

We are next to each other, but no words are spoken.
My heart hurts, I think it’s broken.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

38 New Year Love
I’m a little older now, but I don’t have to be shown what I have.
Two little angels I can call my own, and the love of my life.
I can’t let it be said that I take what I have for granted.
Though if you had to ask me, I’d say I was the luckiest man on Earth.

I’m a little bit older now, maybe even a little wiser still.
I’ve seen alot these last 38 years, but none have been as good as these last few.
With a new purpose in life, I don’t think there is anything that can stop me.
I’m going to prove to everyone that I’m more than what they believed.

I’m a little older today, but I don’t look a bit over twenty-five.
I think that suits me, and makes me one of a kind.
Now to focus all my love on the ones I share my life with.
I need to make sure that they all know how much they mean to me.

I’m a little bit older today now, and that’s ok with me.
Like the song goes, I have a pocket full of sunshine, do what you want with me,
nothing will ever break me.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Iron Horses circa 1992
Row by row they lay like gravestones.
Dark unused hulls of man’s past.
Imprisoned on bars of rusted iron.
Unseen and forgotten.

Lost in man’s dreams of power.
Made old by the forward motion of time.
Left to graze like old Iron Horses.
In fields of steel and weeds of rye.

Run free Iron Horses, let nothing slow you.
You have nothing to lose.
You have nothing to hide.
Run free Iron Horses, Let your soul fly.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Consequences 11/04/1991
Environment laid to waste, with disputes that lead to haste.
Making matters bad to worse, choking the planet dry from thirst.
Education making our youth “not”, as our minds began to rot.
Fighting no name wars in foreign lands, killing over some piece of sand.

Making decisions with out thinking of us.. The consequences..

Living without a home, no place to live, and you roam.
Pale with the blood of babies on your hands, calling ourselves civilized man.
You do not know the pain I feel, or the tarot cards I deal.
Forcing your will upon mine, deep down we are the same inside.

Making decisions with out thinking of us.. The consequences..

Mental disease eating away at our country, the media censors everything we see.
Cut and paid for in full for you, you refuse, never see what you do.
Any day the country will fall, the government is going to take us all.
Denial of all the pain, don’t you believe in acid rain…

Making decisions with out thinking of us.. The consequences..

Friday, September 15, 2006

Storm Front Created: 10/1990
Cold dark clouds surround the town,
a pressure front of evil.
A fine mist falls from the sky,
giving the dry flowers the chance to live.

But to much could fall, saturate them all, and causes them to die.

Wind blows through my hair,
I feel the power of the storm.
Lines are down and broken,
but it still blows.
Desolation, eradication, a child is born.

Blowing on,
blowing on and on, Storm Front.

Lives are lost, tears fill the air,
havoc and chaos rule the land.
Is there still time for life,
or is this the swing of the deamons hand.

On the darkest night of the year,
you’ll know theres hell to fear.

Blowing on,
blowing on and on, Storm Front.

Getting better
I remember Sunday morning.
My eyes open, and they see the sky.
I look to you sleeping, see the shape of your back where you lay.
I see in you just love, passion, and hope.
I see in me the hope to live a life that can only get better in scope.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

How much could be enough…
How much could be enough, high above it all I wonder if I can reach up.
Under this shadow I’m hiding, wanting to tell you everything, my social confiding.
Racing home to see you, but I wait at the door to hear you, don’t want to scare you.
Your breath on my face, the small of your back sets my pace.

I want nothing more then to see you, to hold you, don’t want to miss what you do.
Exit this madness, stage left. My internal voice makes my eyes deaf.
I can’t promise I wont leave again, but I can promise I’ll be back you can bet.
It’s not easy to understand me, but these clouds below me, offer to believe.

My muse, my start to the day, I can’t wait to return to you, to stay.
Inside you, is part of what I am, a part I can’t wait to play with again.
Do you remember that day you sang that song in my ear? Reminding me.
Can’t wait to wake next to you, quieting my fears. Understanding you a mother to be.

I wait here now, waiting to return to you, just like that day I left me.
Behind, a little piece I hope you cherished and laughed with. Played his favorite game.
In my ear plays that song you sang, it’s not your voice, but the memory always is.
Traveling faster now, soon I’ll be home, waiting for you instead to arrive.

Twisted fate, it’s always this way, she doesn’t play fair when she doesn’t have to.
I want to sleep, but I know that I may not get to see you. I want the real thing in my arms.
I can wait just a little bit longer, for the real deal, the real feel, you in my arms.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sorry Art I
I sometimes feel that I cant go back to the past.
Not that I would ever want to.
The love, desire, and passion hold me tight.

Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth,
thinking I am getting to close.
Sometimes I just fuck up, because I cant
keep my mouth shut.

How can I be so lucky?
You so forgiving?

Im sorry I did it again.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Distant lands, distant view, I can see from me to you.
Close up, far away, it matters not what we say.
I travel these lands, I travel them for love.
For hope, passion and most of all for us.

It may break my heart, I may create my own downfall.
But I know you will understand that what I say, isn’t always everything and all.
Brandish my heart, like a sword of silver that fights the dragon of old.
My love, pure of soul, devine in what we hold.

I travel these lands for love.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Spoken, broken, forgiven with love.
A sunny day, like rays from the sun joy falls down.
The best day of my life, I have opened my heart.
But words spoken in haste, change those rays to rain.
small words, with out meaning flow to split us apart.

Unspoken, I am now broken.
Unforgiven, I now seek love.

Those words, like a small cut, spoil and infect.
I apply the cure, with love but find it may not be enough.
I only hope that time can save, that time can change.
I know that we have love, and that love mends.

Spoken, I am now more in love.
Forgiven, I hope soon to come.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Two of heart
She is my diamond crafted in fire.
Beauty made of love, passion and my hearts desire.
I can’t see my life with out her.
I’ll make that woman my wife, my partner.

Hollow out some time for me, pretend we are stars.
Make that time stop for us, pretend we are stars.

When I roll back the future and look at my past, I’ll know it was the best I ever had.
Life couldn’t have gotten better, like Forrest Gump knows loves gotta have.
Two people, but one heart.
Two people, nothing can pull apart.

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