May 2005


Thursday, June 30, 2005

In this darkness, we both sleep. The defenses down, the air full of heat.
I reach to hold you close by me, a soft rose petal in my hand.
Satin, silk though salty taste, your skin is my desire.
I breath you in, to feel you near, your fire.

Your love

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I dream, you.
(Song.. Still under development)

Breakthrough, my heart is lifted.
so high, Can’t see the ground from here.
I need, to take time.
breath in, feel the love that is so near.

I lay awake at night, thinking how I’m in love.
I dream…you I dream…
I feel this is right, and this is where I wanna be.
I dream…you I dream…

Tiger lillys bloom, burst color, explode.
Can’t compare, to the blue of your eyes.
Nothing reaches the freedom I feel, when I’m with you.
In this fairytale, there is no goodbyes.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Kindness, passion and love, these things we hold close.
Like a cleansing rain, falling from a joyful sky, like a pure white rose.
Loved ones we know, we cherish and covet.
The design of life, unknowing but always set.
I pledge my heart, my vision and trust to you.
Give my backing, my support and my help in what ever you do.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tiny pepper, big love
Tiny Habanero, the pepper of life the one that burns.
You do not compare to the feelings I have for my love, the one I yearn.
Bringing pain to those who eat you, you may be Diablo’s Heart,
But you can not match the burning desire, that traveling pants start.
Fire and pain is what you bring, not love, desire and fun.
You are small and orange, bright light the sun.
Not hot and fiery like the girl I love.
I have mastered you, little pepper of hell.
But I will never master my sweet Christine.
The prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More then you know
The more time I spend with you, the more I love you.
More then ice cream, more then even spring flowers.
More then summer days, or eiffel towers.
More then Star Wars figures, or watching TV.
More then movies, or even eating.
More then sleeping, or even dreaming.
More then driving, or my PC.

I love you, more then you know.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Early mornings
Waking up, tired and blurred. Waiting for the clouds to part.
It’s not easy every morning, when you’ve got an early start.
But you rise, you stretch and you bounce.
Out of bed, with bad hair head, you announce.
“Another bright day! Another great way!”
“For you to spend your time with me,” I say.

We both agree, then kiss.
Rolling over under the covers, before we miss.
Another 11 minutes of sleep, we will surely need.
If we are going to get through, I can guarantee.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Comfort, missing you
Like a sharp pain in my side, I miss her when she is away.
I feel desire, love and needing for her, each and every day.
She is my blanket to keep the cold out, my tender dearest friend.
The woman I will love, until the final end.

I wish she was home, when she is away, wish her to come quick to stay.
I have a whole in my heart, only she can fill if we are apart, everyday.
I would travel 5000 miles just to see her smile.
Travel through the toughest of jungles, to be with her a while.

I miss you!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Interstate love
Taveling can be hard, long hours on the road.
Driving all the time can be a burden, but your not alone.
When you tire, when you think you have lost all hope.
Turn to your phone, give me a call, I’m there for you.

When I hear your voice, it brings me joy, brings me love.
I wait for the ring, wait for when your thinking of me.
Love you more now then the first day, can’t wait.
I’ll hold down our love, hold open the gate.

I will love you when your near me, love you when your away.
Would rather have you in my arms, but your voice can keep me company.
I picture you in my head, every minute of the day.
Wishing you were here with me, but knowing what you will say.

I love you, be home soon baby.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

AIM Days
So I was talking to christine on aim today and I went to BK for lunch. I won a cheeseburger and a hashbrown.. I told her I had one them for her… but she doesn’t like BK.. However, I came up with some great text, that just flowed from me! It’s not meant to mean anything of what it says.. I was only playing with her… but I liked the way it sounded poetic in nature.

I realize that, it was the effort put into winning things for the woman I love I was shooting for. but you don’t care about love do you? You don’t care about my efforts.. my achievements.. my tokens of affection which I produce and lay at your feet. You wish I was dead, left out in the cold, hungry.. .. …

token of affectionless
that is my title, my brand, my burden..efforts shattered on some shore, devoid of feeling, shipwrecked against razor rocks of hate. Where is the love I once knew, the shining spot in the sky that once called me?

Friday, June 03, 2005

No time, sometimes
Days may be fleeting, mornings can come and then go.
I know you will love me forever, In your eyes it shows.
My clock never stops, Tick and then tock, it’s always moving on.
But I will always wait for you, will always call you love.
Never far from my thoughts, the one I’m always thinking of.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Saturday Mornings
Nuzzle the covers, stay in bed late.
You deserve this time, all those Jello shots you ate.
They way you hold the whip, the way it got on me.
Made me laugh out loud, making it easy to see.
Can’t wait to return, run my fingers through your hair.
I love to love you,hold you, feel you near.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fertile love
Distance traveled, ground covered, all in the name of love.
Flowers planted, garden tended, branches reach far above.
Towards the sky, they near and touch, intertwined.
Lofty goals and summer fun, playing on their mind.

I want, the love we share, to be the best, I want it to soar.
I want, the times we have, to never rest, to be more.
Then anything, our hearts can dream.
More then what they seem.
There sat a maiden neath a regal tower
Girt with a forest of great oaks and pines,
It seemed a lodge of some high conqueror
In the old days, and round it creeping vines
Grew wildly, that no more men drank of now;
And in the topmost arch there was a bell
That with the wind did vibrate; vague and low
Sped over the hills its modulated swell;
Palely she sat, and at her side were things
Of strange device to measure earth and stars,
And a small quiet genius with his wings
Upfolded and his eyes still fixed on hers,
Men uttered not her queenly name, but she
Had graved it in the dust, Melancoly.

By John Hamner (1809-1881)
Victorian Sonnet that I stumbled across and liked.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Round the nipples my fingers play, soft to the touch, but hard and erect.
Conversation drifts, time shortens, but the experience expands all at once.
Sounds from the outside creep through the windows, I wonder what they are saying.
Are they happy?
Are they content?
Or are they just rustling leaves and car horns on interuption bent?

Along the thigh, I stop for a time, following the lines around the back.
I pause and admire the butterflies and the sweet canyon to the South. Giving a light tap.
Surely this land is a playgound? Whenever I’m here I’m in love. and there is fun.
From these fertile mountains in the North, to the dark wood forest near.
Are you happy?
Are you content?
We fumble and touch. smoothing over hard skin now soft, our time spent.

Basking in the sun, the heat and the soft spoken word, the glow from the corona.
I immediately think about my trip, I must return, not later but much, much sooner.
But now its time to rest, to tell stories about love, strong and caress.
Enjoying this moment for what it is, for what it leads to, to what it meant.
I am happy.
I am content.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Wait for me my love; hold me close by your side, tell me often that you love me.
Framed by sunlight, resting on white cloud, face of a gentle angel, so proud to be.
The man that loves you, the one that holds you, the one who cares.
You bring happiness to my day, makes me feel like 22 pieces of flare.

Bask in your radiance; soar within your sky of brilliance, feeling free.

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Force inside you.
She roars, and the jungle trembles, birds scatter and flutter.
Erupting in giggles, then in serious anger, the animals shudder.
“I am your Queen, and you always have my love” she explains, in a mighty booming tenor.
You feel your insides turn to liquid, as you realize you’ve shown dishonor.
“I repent my Queen” you scream! “Have charity on me, show my mercy please!”, certainly she can see!
But you know that she will, for she is the one, your sun, which brightens your day in that special way, always.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

War Vulture, Incarnation of the Spirit Cyclopes
Ravage! Fierce, undaunted and with fiery anger he reigned.
Leading his armies to victory, he burns the villages of his enemies.
He took no quarter, and gave only what they deserved, hell.
Creating a legend, for the generations to remember and tell.
I knew him well, loved him like my own, when he was but a small fry.
Teased him when he was but a mortal, before his ascendance into the sky.
He was War Vulture, he was mans greatest sin, their greatest joy.
He is War Vulture, my lost friend; Now attack, and destroy!

War Vulture was one of my pet Molly fish. He died recently of unknown causes. His memory will live on however with the new fish that has taken his place. He is a pearl white molly named “Vultures Ghost”. With some time I’m sure that Dream and the remaining titans will come to love him just as much.

WV Died: 05.18.2005Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Sonnet of love #45
She is my light in the dark.
She is my hope, she is my spark.
She brings out the best I’d agree.
Even when she is mad I can see.
Even if we stub our toe, or I scratch my knee.
That she still loves to be, in love with me.

I pleadge to make her days brillant.
Her life exciting, colorful, vivad and instant.
I vow to please her, and hold her, give her more.
Make her life, a romantic night on a tropic shore.

I love her, with all my heart, all me being.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Suddenly Sunlight
She sees you for who you are, but doesn’t understand where you’re from.
Wants to know what turns you on, but can’t believe just being around her is enough.
Calls you out all the time, thinking your holding back, holding something, being hollow.
Just want to be a better person, knowing what it was like before is hard to swallow.

Can’t change for the best, over and over I’m told the same.
But nobody knows how easy it is when I’m around you, how I overcame.
I want to explore new things with you, want to break our limits together.
Magic Shell, love, meteorology and sci-fi, Fridays aprons and patent leather are just some of the things.

And when I wake up to you, I want to see in your eyes.
The deepest of blue and the brightest of light.
From the darkest of night, to the suddenly sunlight.

Slumber, dream and enjoy the time you have, but don’t mind.
That the world catches up, responsibilities that you had, are just lurking behind.

We are all told never pull a lions tail, never pull his manes hair.
While he sleeps, it keeps one eye open so it can ponder, reason and glare.

Told as kids that you shouldn’t run in the rain, that it can cause pain.
What do they know of joy or love. What it contains, how it sustains.

I want to let you sleep, for as long as you want, so you can dream.
I know that inside your heart, you sometimes, in your dreams see me.

I will always give you want you need, want, and what you desire.
Never let you down, conspire, tire, or be made a liar.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bai Juyi

There’s a gleam of green in an old bottle,
There’s a stir of red in the quiet stove,
There’s a feeling of snow in the dusk outside —
What about a cup of wine inside?

I really like this Tang Poem. It has a very subtle spirit about it.
I guess I will try as well, though this most likely wont be “five-character-quatrain”

There’s a hint of light through the shades,
There’s a tree bending gently outside.
There’s a field of green I once ran in.
Do you feel the sweet breeze?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Discussions of love
Be you, black, white, purple or tan.
Find love in the back seat of Chevy or from the inside of a can.
Remember that love needs you, as you need it.
That if your poor you can be rich, if your out of place it can make you fit.
If your afraid, it can make you strong.
Or if your right, it can make you wrong.

Yes love, does not care for color, creed or sex.
Does not care, if your rich or a poor redneck.
Fails to realize if your a tech junkie or mp3.
Don’t care if your hard core rap or into Jay-z.
Just as long as you know I love you, and you love me.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Sonnet of love #44
Reach out to me my love, feel me near you.
A summer heat, passion and desire I also knew.

I needed more of you, like breath or heart beat.
like confection, your lips to the taste are sweet.

Our love, a possesion of our souls, shared.
Two making greater, hearts layed out and bared.

Upon our sleeves, open for all to see.
To hear, to yell out, scream that I have the key!

That unlocks your love, that makes me whole.
Completes me, and with you, sharing my soul.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mothers Love
A Mothers love for their child is deep and far reaching.
She holds your hand when your scared, kisses away the hurt when your bleeding.
Scratched knee or bump on the head, she makes all the pain go away.

A Mothers love for their child is absolute and all inclusive.
It warms you when your cold, gives you ice cream when its warm.
Cuts off the crusts to your favorite sandwich, brightens up your day.

A Mothers love for their child is deep and far reaching.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Wireless love
I refuse to be tied down by strings, I want to fly.
I can’t take any more missteps, when it’s me your waiting on.
Choke point, loss, are you to far away? Is it disruption in the sky?
I hate when your like this, treating me like some junkie pawn.
I want to be wireless, I really do but I consipire against myself.
I want to be wireless, but it’s you whom has me against the fence.
Let me soar, let me spead my wings.
Let me soar, let me be my internet king.

Oh why, oh why my wireless love? must you tease me so?
Oh why, cruel mistress, why do you deny me, again with the no?

My wireless love.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Sleeping awake.
Lounge around, I like to see you there.
sleeping in late, pillow fanned by hair.

Though your eyes are closed, I can clearly see.
You enjoy being there, sleeping next to me.

I lay endless hours watching you sleep.
Wanting to know your dreams and what you think.

Your face, smooth and gentle makes me smile.
In the end I wish I could sleep in a while.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

My Burrito Queen!
She craves it, the precious.
She needs it, the precious.
She must have it, the precious.
She wants it!! The precious.

One Burrito to help her,
One Burrito to lead her,
One Burrito to save her,
One Burrito to fill her!

Queen of the Burrito;
Fellowship of the Burrito!
The Two Burritos.
Return of the Burrito.

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