AEM Cold Air Intake


Check out my AEM Cold Air Intake Install!!

Jack the left front side of your car up and make sure it is securely on suitable
jack stands.


Pop the hood and remove the MAS connector harness and loosen the hose clamps.

Pop the and remove the front snorkel and remove the bolts from behind the battery.
make sure you DISCONNECT the negative terminal to avoid shocks and discharges!!
This also allows your ECU to reset so when you have everything installed and
start up your air fuel ration can be adjusted.

The instructions say to remove all these bolts. I found out that this is not
the case, only two plates need to be removed to gain access to the lower area.

The snaps that hold these plates pop up with a flat head screwdriver. Becareful
though not to break any

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Once off you can mount the rubber mount. Notice the three holes, it will be
easier to get your bearings using these.
See the plastic plate below this mount? This comes out as well and is not used
when you put it back together.
It’s held in with three plastic screws you can discard these and the plate.

Fit on your hose clamps and slide everthing in. Start with the top elbow then
attach the MAS (notice that it is upside down!)
You can attach the MAS in any position but the connector is on the right side
and closest to the wireharness if you mount it upside down.
Fit the bottom piping up from the underside of the car. (It will be easier and
you wont scratch it!

Attach it to the rubber mount via the bracket on the lower piping. Attach the
Filter (you may need to buy an extra #44 hose clamp)

That’s it!! ra-attach the lower plates, get that tire on and jack it down!.
Next hook the battery back up and start your car.  
Let it idle for at least 20 minutes. This allows the ECU to adapt to the CAI.
You should notice a little gain after the install both in preformance and sound.
I noticed a nice burrr in the 3K to 4.5K rpm range in 2nd thru 4th and a little
pick up in the low end.

Total Time: 1.5 hours

Tools needed 10mm and 12mm rachet and some grips.

# of beers consumed: 3


*Update 8.09.2003 At 20k miles I took the filter out to clean it. The filter
was remarkably clean but since it was out I went thru the process anyways. Takes
about 30 minutes and some drying time. Used official K&N filter cleaner
and oil. I’ll probably take it down in another 20k and check and clean it again

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