Ok, so I’ve been sitting around for a while thinking about doing
this. I wanted to replace the large LANCER badge with the smaller lancer badge
that comes on the Eve 8. I went to my local dealer and the cost was $21.00 plus

Install Time: 1 hour
Cost: $3 for wipe away and floss $18 for the Evo 8 "Lancer" badge
Difficulty: Easy

Step#1 "Gather your tools!!

I used window cleaner, a hair dryer, an extention cord, "goo"
remover, dental floss (non-waxed and non flavored) and a pair of cotton underwear
(what’s softer then something you trusted your package in all day??


Step #2 "Debadging"

Use the hair dryer to warm a letter until it is hot to the touch.
Use the Floss to "saw" behind the letter. It should come off like
cutting butter. Apply some "Goo" remover to your cloth and rub easy.
You will find that as the adhesive cools you’ll find a soft spot in which it
almost comes off like rubber cement. You can re-heat and let cool to make this

Try to remove access "large" chunks by hand without


Step #3 "Cleaning it up!"

Use the window cleaner to "polish" out any fine remains
of the adhesive. Later if you still see outlines of the letters you can wax
and buff. Follow the same steps to remove the "OZ RALLY" badge if
you want to remove that. (I did)


You will be left with the letters afterward. Do with them as you


Step #4 "Applying the Evo 8 Lancer Badge"

I thought there would be some step here.. I guess the step could
be "remove" the tape backing… and then press…

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