Head Light Adustment


How to Adjust your
Head lights by Purecoda

I finally was able to align my headlights, and took a couple
pics for those who might find them useful.
Here’s how to align your headlights on your US Spec Lancer.

What you need

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1. 10mm socket wrench
2. 10mm wrench (or deep 10mm socket)

How to.
First, find a nice level section of pavement, and park your car 25 feet away,
headlights facing a wall. An easy place to do this would be behind a Walmart
or supermarket.

Next, measure the distance from the pavement to the center of
your headlights, and mark the same height horizontally on the wall with a
straight line of tape a few feet across. To the best of my knowledgy, there
is only a vertical adjusment for the headlights, so no vertical center line
is needed (if I hear otherwise, i’ll update this post).

Now, find the adjusting bolt behind the headlights. I’ve pointed
them out in the photos below.

Driver side.

Passenger side.

Using a 10mm socket wrench, adjust the beam.
Right is down.
Left is up.

Aim the beams so the line of tape is centered in the light.

Note: I found that it was easier to adjust the driver
side if the battery tie-down was loosened and the battery slid back a little
for clearance (use the 10mm wrench here).

And that’s it. Once your low beams are accurate, your high beams
should be as well. One more thing. You might want to set the driver side beam
slightly higher to off-set the lack of weight in the driver seat.

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