Rattles and Road Noise #2


How to reduce Rattles
and Road Noise by Purecoda

Lesson #2 Dynamat your Trunk Hood


Today’s second lesson: How to partially, and cleanly, Dynamat
your trunk hood.

1. Buy some Dynamat, Brown Bread, Cascade, whatever. Check www.ebay.com
for some great deals, or go to Best Buy.
2. Buy a small roller. I used the Dynamat wooden roller.
3. Get a few pieces of notebook paper, a pen, and some scissors.
4. Trace both right side shapes on seperate pieces of paper. You only need
to trace one side, as you can flip it over, and mirror for the other side.

5. Using the cutouts, outline onto the Dynamat. Don’t forget to flip them
over for the mirror image.
6. Carefully peel the backing, and tack a small section of the Dynamat to
the trunk, when in place, peel off the rest.
7. Use the roller and press firmly to ensure maximum contact with the trunk.

Picture of my notebook cutouts.

Picture of the finished product.

Took me about 45 minutes to do everything, and I noticed the
difference as soon as I closed my trunk.
Bass response seems a bit tighter, with less rattling from the rear.

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