Rattles and Road Noise #1


How to reduce Rattles
and Road Noise by Purecoda

Lesson #1 Rear Deck Rattles


Starting this afternoon, I’m going to be working on removing
rattles and Dynamating my car. Its a work in progress, so follow along.

Today’s first lesson: How to fix annoying rear deck rattles.

I noticed even with my OEM speakers that there was a rear deck
rattle, especially from the passenger side. I found the easiest, cheapest,
and quite effective fix was this…

1. Buy a thick foam shoe insert from WalMart. Should cost less
than 3 bucks.
2. Cut the insert into 3×1 inch strips.
3. Insert through trunk into holes under rear deck, as seen below.

The first two photos show an example of the foam.

This photo shows the position of the hole on the passenger side.

And lastly, a bottom shot, and where to place the foam. Only
one piece can be seen in this photo,
the other is completely inside, opposite the visible piece.

And there you have it. It only took me two cut pieces to completely
eliminate that rattle. We’ll see if it comes back when I remove the foam,
and dynamat the entire rear deck, but that’s another lesson.

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