RRM CF Eye Lids


Ok, everyones going Carbon Fiber this, Carbon Fiber that so
I thought I’d make a small investment and go small. CF Eye Lids. These are
just for show and provide no hourse power gains unless you like to consider
those imaginary ones. =)


Install Time: ~ 1 Hour
Cost: $79 for lids and $10 for Double sided Tape.
Difficulty: Slightly above easy as there is some assembling.

Step#1 "Loosing the Headlight housing"

10mm socket gets the headlamp housing loose and off so you can
clean it properly and mount the eye lid.

Step #2 Apply 3M Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape to Eye Lid.

I used 3M "Doubled-Sided Foam Tape" rated at 1 pound
per 4 sq inches. Part #4026. I ended up using around around 12 inches on each

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. Hopefully this will be enough to hold it down plus you gain the advantage
of the hood pressing down on it as well as it being mounted flush with the

Step #3 Mounting

Pull off the backing of the tape and line it up with where it
will lay on the lamp. Get this as close as you can cause you wont have too
many tries. Once you have it right where you want it. Took me a a few dry
runs with the backing on (I recommend you do this!! practice makes perfect).
Press firmly into place. Once you have the lid in place gently push the head
lamp back into position. Make sure you watch the gasket seal around the lamp
for perfect fits. Before your done, press down on that tape one more time!!
A good seal is a lifetime fit.. (I hope)


Here are some shots of the final piece. The car is parked in
my garage and I did this after work at 4:30am so its not natural light. I’ll
get one soon though.















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