RRM CF Tail Lights


Another "show" peice the tail lights are nice. They
look better and appear brighter then OEM. We’ll see though come this first
dark night =)

Install Time: 40 minutes
Cost: $159
Difficulty: Very Easy

Step #1 Remove the Old Tail lights.

You will see two screws, these are the only hardware holding
the tail in place except for two "plug" type peices. After removing
the two screws grip the tail and pull steady and evenly straight out.


See the two plug holes? careful!! Only the top stayed in and
was easy to take out, the bottom liked to stay on the plug and I had to use
muscle to get it off the hard way. Put these peices on the new tail and attack
wire harness.


Step #2 Install the tails!

Yeah there were not to many steps in this install.. it was that













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