Wind Deflectors


Install time: 1.5 hours
Cost: $85 dollars
Difficulty: Easy

Step #1 Gather your tools and supplies.
In the picture we see "Red" bags and "Clear" bags. This
is for the direction challanged. Clear bags are the left side, red the right.
The instructions say to have a hair dryer and tape measure. First the dryer
is used to heat the adhesive. Well it was close to 97 degrees out which for
Texas this time of year is cold but I did the work in the sun and I did not
believe the dryer needed. The tape measure.. just don’t even bring it. It’s
useless and I have no idea why it’s there. The best thing about the instructions
is they have illustrations unlike half the other things I’ve gotten to install
so it takes a lot of the guess work out of all this. They also have neat pictures
of a small person doing funny stuff.

You get 10 of everything!! Don’t lose or break anything of this
as I have no idea how difficult it is to find replacement parts.

Step #2 Clean, Clean and Clean!!
Use degreaser to clean the upper frame work of the windows (the black part)
I used degreaser and then went over it with windex to be the "double

Step #4 Getting dirty!
Easy and gently pull the upper window rail out. Leave about an inch in either
end. If your bored or like me, you’ll clean it while it’s out..

Step# 5 Sticky stuff
Peel the tape backing slowing up and about 2 inches. The instructions say
30mm and I assume this is what the tape measure is for..Unfortunately being
an American tape measure it doesn’t have Metrics so.. use your best judgement.

Step #6 Applying and lining up the deflector.
Lightly press the deflector against the upper window frame. Start by the side
mirror as there is a small tab that needs to fit just under the "Delta"
(bottom arrow)

Make sure you line it up flush along the upper edge and press
with your thumbs so the car rocks a bit.


Step #7 Clips and more clips
Insert the clips into the window rail. Three go in the front window and two
in the rear. Use caution with these clips I got the impression that if I forced
to much they would snap like cookie. Line them up with the holes in the deflector
and use the two peice snaps to attach them. The instructions say that you
need to press until they "snap" of course if this was a perfect
world they would all make that sound.. The front is easier to line up then
the rear clips.


Step #8 Take a break (10-15 minutes) for soda or beer

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. I had
some water as it was very hot.

*TIP: When doing the rear window (just like the front) make
sure you line it up flush with about 1mm gap between the edge of the door
and the begining of the deflector.

They look nice once installed, the best part is that once you’ve
done one side the other side is a mirror image to the install. You’ll probably
get cocky and do it in half the time too.. DON’T take your time!!

This was an easy and as "fun" as it gets install.
The instructions say to let the car sit at least 1 hour but its much better
to wait 24 hours before your first wash. You may even want to plan ahead and
wash your car before the install.

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