Update on the six million dollar man..

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Oct 022016
Update on the six million dollar man..

First, here are the new stock metrics.. www.hwbot.org/xtu/share/480668‘ Intel Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3720.0MHz – 706 XTU marks on HWBOT   Second, It was a long journey.. through mostly dust… and dust bunnies..           Finally, though I got the old motherboard out, and the new one in..         [–READ MORE–]

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Rebuilding the six million dollar man

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Oct 012016
Rebuilding the six million dollar man

Purchased new motherboard thus week.  Asus p8z77-m pro with 16gigs of 1600Mhz ram. Started cleaning out the case and preparing it for the new!  Move to come! 

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Sep 232016

I’ve taken to blogging some again. And what perfect timing. I completely put my huge foot right into my mouth/ass again today. I said something completely out of line for the second time in less that ten days.I didn’t mean it and I was so pissed at myself I came off as an even bigger [–READ MORE–]

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Rebuilding a better PC

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Sep 232016

You may ask yourself, who would spend the money on a used motherboard, for a cpu five years after the fact? Are you crazy?? And I would counter by saying that in the upgrade cycle you often look for the best bang for the buck.  That means that normally it looks like this.  Ram, video [–READ MORE–]

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Day #2 Austin Game Conference

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Sep 222016
Day #2 Austin Game Conference

Day two has been just as great as day one. Touching on player relations, game design and machine learning in video games. ‚Äč My time here is almost over,but I already can’t wait until next year. Best quote of the day. “Everyone thinks their are a game designer”. See you next year AGC when we [–READ MORE–]

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