Dec 022014

So here I am chilling in SF here for my winter visit with the team. It’s been pretty cool so far. The team has been awesome and we’ve gotten a lot done. This week looks to be even better with team building “bowling” and a dinner in the city. Plus, at the end of the [–READ MORE–]

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Texas Community Propane

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May 182014
Texas Community Propane

Below is an email I received from TCP on May 9th. I believe any customer in the affected neighborhood who has paid online at least once received this email. As you can see, the email expresses TCP claims that they are in fact cheaper than 8 other local propane dealers average price. What they fail [–READ MORE–]

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Apr 012014
Supporting Dayz Epoch

In my ever need and desire to expand way beyond what I would normally do for something I’ve gone and created a mini site for the Dayz Epoch server that I play on. Contained in the menu above you’ll find current prices for most things as well as links to building and item recipes. You’ll [–READ MORE–]

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Mar 272014
Building a Dayz Epoch Base… Part 2

Life after the apocalypse is damn hard.. Zombies be trying to mess with you while you build and (little unknown fact here) All of the people who used to make tools that could square or measure something are dead.. gone, poof! Hell if you try to line something up.. or make it so two corners [–READ MORE–]