Sep 082013
Custom Action Figure Fort 2013

My son wanted a fort/camp/prison playset. Well of course Hasbro doesn’t make such a beast so it fell to me! I also didn’t want to buy something plastic and expensive. My own requirements on top of my sons was that it had to have multiple uses. I give you the Custom Action Figure Fort 2013 [--READ MORE--]

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New starts..

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Jul 142013

Tonight marks the next phase in! We’ve moved hosts. For the last two and a half years we’ve been with Wired Tree hosting. For the first year and a half we were very happy with the servers and service. However, after each update to increase space or ram our particular hosted sites would perform [--READ MORE--]

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Apr 162013
Building a better pony stable...

My daughter asked if she could her a stable for her MyLittle Pony toys and future Breyer pony toys. We looked online and the prices for even a small stable were VERY HIGH! That being the case, I decided to create one myself. From design to final painting (which currently I’m just finishing up details) [--READ MORE--]

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Mar 052013
Playing the new SimCity (2013)

I have to admit that I’m a bit of an old fashioned grumpy old guy. I love the classics! I literally grew up in the dawn of the personal computer and while I did that, I played a TON of SimCity. So how does this new SimCity from EA fare against say the older ones? [--READ MORE--]

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Feb 262013
2013 Republic LAAT Gunship Update Washing!

I worked on completing the wash the other night. I think it came out really well. There are some spots that really spotlight oil stains and grease build up. I only have to do a dry brush and then decide if I want to add some additional weathering with some other colors to show something [--READ MORE--]

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