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Feb 212016

I never saw myself like this, I had removed eating alone from my vocabulary. Sitting here, feels alien, feels unnatural and unfamiliar. The laughter our table would have had, is now silenced, but I can’t forget the sounds, every time I blink they rush into me. I keep looking across from me, hearing a little [–READ MORE–]

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this is my..

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Feb 192016

Years of love, we’ve mastered the easy part now. Throw in a few good fights to remind me I’m a big fat headed cow. I’ll never forget that night you came along, asked me what I liked. I never meant to hurt your feelings, I’d rather rip out my heart than fight. I hope you [–READ MORE–]

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Xcom 2 Season 1 is a GO!!!

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Feb 182016
Xcom 2 Season 1 is a GO!!!

A new game and a new season! XCOM 2 is out and Season 1 is well under way!

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What have you got to lose

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Jan 302016

There’s something, that we all fear. When you’re in love, those words you hear. afraid to say them first, you hesitate! There just words, if not said could break what have you got to lose except your heart what have you got to lose all that you’ve got just say you love them , with [–READ MORE–]

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It’s for love

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Jan 152016

It’s for love that I wake everyday. it’s for love that I catch my breath when I see you. it’s for love that I see your eyes while I sleep, while I dream. Unbroken, unspoken our hearts are tied. All for each and each for all. Love circles us, engulfs us, in its fire and [–READ MORE–]

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