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Aug 142000

Ahh.. how does one find the time to do what must be done while lacking the energy to do it?? I have no idea but I better do luandry soon or it’s stay home from class time.. Good news on the horizon.. my DSL has appearently returned to normal.. though.. of course with this NTS [–READ MORE–]

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Aug 132000 Jesus seeks loving woman ok.. hehe before going to bed I saw this.. YES i know I should be in bed right now but damn.. JESUS needs a date!! I can’t wait for the Pope to come down on this guy.. I can see it now.. “you can’t use jesus as a URL! why? [–READ MORE–]

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Aug 132000

Well it’s that time aday again!! close to 12.30am Est. Went to Hooters today.. god I love that place. I server of course SUCKED!! normally servers there will talk to you/hang out but this girl didn’t do anything but bring us buckets and buckets of beer. (mom I didn’t drive so it’s ok =) There [–READ MORE–]

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Aug 122000

Well it’s 8pm Est and I’m headed to my buddies house. Gonna hang with him and some friends and see if we can’t make the evening go by faster. I went to Lisa’s today.. fixed her machine and well.. found out to late that she IS seeing that steve guy. oh well.. I should have [–READ MORE–]

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Aug 112000

Well it’s almost time for bed.. granted it’s only 11pm but I had a hell of a day in the lab with Maya. My new worst enemy. My little cousin got his page to work right finally. =) he’s been at it for god knows how long. He’s even started his own web design firm [–READ MORE–]

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