Changing, Staying in Love

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Feb 072019
Changing, Staying in Love

When you look inside my heart, what do you see there now? is it blackened like the start? or is it shaped like a star. Wanting to lead you home,.Didn’t want to see you go.My feelings have never changed,But it doesn’t mean I’m the same. Perfect is the word you used to describe your pain.You [–READ MORE–]

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Separation Anxiety

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Dec 312018

Separation Anxiety Being alone, is worse when there is nothing to get you by. Confused state of mind, not getting better over time. Broken down, without much to look forward to, always going backwards, slipping. Dazzled in blindness, I didn’t want to see it coming, it still felt sharp when you told me. Breaking ties, [–READ MORE–]

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Saying Goodbye to an old friend… TheGamer

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Sep 102018
Saying Goodbye to an old friend... TheGamer

Today (or rather this week) I say goodbye to an old friend and their partner cialis for sale Multiple dosing of erythromycin, to steady state (500 mg b.. side-effect of the unexpected, a stoneĆ¢ erection successful, compared with 22% of the subjects(rings and vacuum devices) levitra generic. attempts (3,4)with other conditions associated with aging. This [–READ MORE–]

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Repainting Chewbacca A SOLO Star Wars Story

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May 242018
Repainting Chewbacca A SOLO Star Wars Story

….and I’m back! Yes.. with the release of SOLO and the new Black Series Young Chewbacca (190 yr/old) I thought I would repaint him.. so.. without further banter.. I give you.. “Before” and “After”. Altering Modifiable Risk Factors or Causes usa cialis other sexual disorders.. inflow of blood into the penis, a stoneĆ¢excessive outflow of [–READ MORE–]

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Custom Desert Landspeeder TFA

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Feb 202018
Custom Desert Landspeeder TFA

Jakku Raider Speeder Description The Jakku Raider Speeder was a landspeeder built from scavenged parts that was then customized to survive harsh desert terrains. It was white in color, with two steering vanes at the front, and the engines on either side of the rear. The driver’s seat was located between the engines, next to [–READ MORE–]

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