AGC 2016 Day #1

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Sep 222016

Yesterday,was the first day of the Austin Game Conference here in Austin TX.This is the first year the conference returned to Austin and it’s an exciting time. I had the pleasure of taking in severalof the talks from the first day.  From engaging YouTube streamers and influencers to learning about baking monetization into your game [–READ MORE–]

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Ghost Wire Install from Sewell

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Aug 292016
Ghost Wire Install from Sewell

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars!  My wife was tired of seeing the wires for our front surround speakers and since we had recently moved into a new home it was her chance to put her foot down and get what she wanted. I did some research and found [–READ MORE–]

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Paleo Week #2

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Mar 152016
Paleo Week #2

Week two finds me reaching the same weight as last week. This is good news though as I had to travel on Sunday for nearly 20 hours and all I had available was airport food. We did manage to get one good walk in yesterday though.. two miles! it was amazing.. I love walking and [–READ MORE–]

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Tread Softly

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Mar 112016

Their pure souls, with their horror of question after question. Unable to control themselves when it would be easy they instead unleash their fury upon those who stand near or are related by birth. The running and jumping are the worst. They pay no mind to those around them, they heed no empathy. Crashing and [–READ MORE–]

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